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      Detailed classification of different applications of casting filter

      Casting filter, also known as metal melt filter. Alias ​​molten steel filter, hot metal filter, aluminum water filter, copper water filter, also called liquid steel filter, liquid filter, aluminum liquid filter, copper liquid filter.
          Casting filter from the material classification:
      First, the high silica glass fiber casting filter. Also points:
          1, high silicon steel fiber filter;
          2, high silicon fiber cast iron special filter;
          3, high silicon fiber copper filter dedicated filter;
          4, high-silica fiber cast aluminum special filter, there are ordinary fiber cast aluminum filter, smoke-free fiber cast aluminum filter.
      Second, the cellular ceramic casting filter, also known as the hole ceramic casting filter. Also points:
          1, corundum straight ceramic ceramic cast iron with a filter;
          2, mullite ceramic hole with a straight cast iron filter,
          3, cordierite straight hole ceramic cast aluminum filter.
      Third, the foam ceramic casting filter, also known as foam ceramic casting filter. Also:
          1, Zirconia ceramic foam steel filter;
          2, silicon carbide foam cast iron with a filter;
          3, alumina foam ceramic cast aluminum filter.