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      Trade Manager:Angel
      Tel(whatsapp ):+ 00 86 13931253849

      "LangYaShan"casting filter equipment has been developing since our technical team was built up in the early stage. After several experiments, we got a historical success in 2015 and started the mass production in 2016. The equipment is so advanced that its technology content has already been applied for a patent from the central ministries and it is also environmental-friendly with high efficiency and low energy consumption, meeting the national standards. With a team of professional technicians, all the researching and developing, designing and installing work are finished by ourselves. Therefore it's wise for you to choose our equipment to produce the high-temperature resistant and environmental-friendly casting filters,like steel casting filter,iron casting filter,copper casting filter and aluminum casting filter. Besides, according to your demands, the precision of the high temperature resistance can also be custom-tailored. Furthermore, to be more responsible and satisfying, we are also in charge of all the equipment commission. Welcome to contact us and make the order!