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      Casting filter placement and use of the principle

      Placement: Casting filter can be cut into any size with the scissors box, placed under the gate cup, lap runner surface, runner and lined with lined surface, with the box pressure. Such as the filter and the combination of slag bag applications, better filtration.

      Principle of use

      1. Can effectively remove the aluminum melt in the bubble, the folder ash oxide, and various assimilates and other harmful impurities, greatly marching aluminum casting product rate, the quality of aluminum products, and to prevent other metal components infiltration of aluminum solution The shortcomings do not affect the aluminum alloy caused by factors to ensure the quality of aluminum castings.

      2. Improve the performance of aluminum casting machine: the hardness of the casting can travel, and the average hardness of the contour and progressive bending strength of the casting.

      3. To change the mechanical processing of castings, forward processing submissive. Compared with all kinds of filters, high-temperature fiber filter does not affect the composition of aluminum alloy; due to fiber itself has the role of adsorption impurities, so the filter is better, in addition, low-temperature fiber filter with high temperature, mesh shake Good, easy to use and other benefits, not to mention not conducive to the re-use of waste material (waste recycling, the mesh floating in the aluminum solution appearance). High temperature fiber filter cloth is the ideal low-grade aluminum alloy casting filter material.