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      Types of casting filters

      Filter according to the spatial shape can be divided into two-dimensional structure and three-dimensional structure filter two categories. Two-dimensional structure of the filter can be divided into ceramic fiber, glass fiber, metal wire, metal foil filter. Three-dimensional structure of the filter according to the size of the pore size and coarse-grained, divided by the pores; according to the material and refractory materials, ceramics, ceramic foam filter points, according to the scope of application, the filter is divided into cast iron, cast steel , Cast aluminum with a filter.
             1, stainless steel mesh.
             Generally used material 304,304 L, 316,316 L, etc., using plain weave and twill weave. Mainly used in cast aluminum industry (low-pressure and metal-type process)
             2, fiber filter.
             Made of high-temperature fiber and resin can be greater than the mesh filter impurities, the effect of general, cheap, simple, easy to use. But the use of specific data and requirements.
             3, honeycomb ceramic straight hole filter.
             A ceramic material stamping or extrusion, filter effect is better than fiber filter. Although the mechanical strength is high, but its porosity is only 30% to 40%, about half of the ceramic foam, which makes the metal liquid filtration rate is low.
             4, ceramic foam filter.
             First used for non-ferrous alloys, followed by cast iron, cast steel, cast copper and other leading widely used. The production process: the foam as the skeleton, coated with ceramic slurry, after firing from high temperature. The filter has a variety of filtering mechanisms work, the filter effect is good, but the price is high. Different cast alloys, depending on the use of high and low temperature, the use of ceramic materials are also different. As the ceramic foam filter with three-dimensional network structure, it has the following effects:
      1. Effective removal of large metal inclusions in the liquid.
      2. Adsorption of small inclusions in the liquid metal to improve the organizational structure.
      3. Effectively reduce the metal content of the gas and harmful elements.